Tuesday, October 16, 2007


my JESUS-mas present from my parents and a rather wealthy family friend: an absolutely beautiful keyboard synthesizer with a great multitude of buttons that go DOOP DEE DOOP. i only hope i can last until december.

oh, the possiblities...


[ps- i TOLD everyone her ego would explode horribly!]

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

leftover cake

If you're illiterate or have not read Danielle or David's posts then I will tell you again: I am 16 now. The birthday was nice. LOTS of people said happy birthday, through facebook or in person or over the phone. Frankly, if i hear/read those two words again I'll die and judging by David and Danielle's posts, they clearly wouldn't be able to function if that happened. So enough with the birthday talk. I'm just writing to post:

Monday, October 1, 2007

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

So Today its mallory's birthday
so im making a countdown list of why mallory is the coolest person born in the month of october

10. she is very honest like in study hall she told some kid he smelled like a skunk. if thats not honesty i dont know what is

9. She throws things at people who are annoying, like Last year in Study hall these stupid freshmen were being stupid and she started throwing pretzels at them, it was really funny until one started crying, then it became hillarious, they deserved it

8. She has shinny hair.

7. she lets me hit on her mom.

6. She had the balls to donate a pint of blood, and because of that we got free ice cream at some store in princesstown

5. She lent me the Kite Runner in april so i woudlnt fail my summer reading in september, i will give her the book back one of these days

4. She has the worst taste in music, but thats alright cuz i can judge and she doesnt get pissed

3. everytime we go to movies rated R with her she can always get us in, its like she has a deadly gaze that penetrates the soul of the ticket reciver guy and makes him so afraid that he is too scurred to say no.

2. she gives awesome advice and always listens to the stupid things going on in my life

1. she is hispanic


From david

THATS MALLORY--------------------------------------------->