Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Playing exploradora with Pedro

While Danielle is in D.C. debating politics with young leaders, I have replaced her with a new companion:

This is Peter. He will pee all over you. Affectionately.

Yesterday we walked around the Institute for Super Hard Core Geniuses. Although I love Princeton, I've always been an Institute girl. The campus is tucked away and much more private. I used to play there when I was younger and I forgot how lovely the place is.

In case you don't know the Institute is where Albert Einstein hung around and did his work until he died. So I like to pretend that his ghost is roaming around somewhere.
If your imagination fails you, I have visuals:

The Rhombus!

A door knob?

what time is it, Mr Fox?


The wall leaks

The Dog drinks.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"it's all uphill from here..."

I've returned! Seattle was wonderful, with wonderful people and wonderful clean streets and wonderful coffeeshops and wonderful flowers. We got there quite late, woke up at a decent hour, and walked across the street to have breakfast at Janine's sisters house. This is Janine in her finest:

She is a good friend of mine, a tough, kind, creative woman with an unbeatable style. She and her adventurous husband Mark, along with their baby daughter Adeline, were in charge of us hooligans as we swam through Seattle, exploring Pike's Market, eating marvelous chicken teriyaki, going to a mediocre concert, and generally being tourists. The next day we woke up early to get our hiking boots that were individually approximatly half my weight and packed all of our stuff up. It looked like this:

We drove to the Canadian Border (hi, Canada!), where they let us pass without delay, and took a ferry to Vancouver, I think. The views were "boatiful," as Mallory so cleverly coined them. We got to this place in the middle of nowhere called Egmont, stayed the night camped out on the dock where there was bioluminescence in the lake, which basically meant that anything that moved in the matter was surrounded for an instant by PIXIE DUST. Screw science, pixie dust is the only explanation for it.

Next day we took a Water Taxi to Malibu, the base camp. The staff POURED, literally POURED out of the woods to the dock to cheer for us as we approached. They were all super friendly and cheerful, and I would be perfectly happy marrying almost any one of them (of the men, anyways). We made our way to the bungalow, had an emotional campfire (the tears flowed freely), and passed out. Here is a view from the bungalow:

NEXT day, we got our 40-50 pound hiking gear (read: a large pile of BRICKS), hopped on a little boat, and boated to Mt. Jay Jay. By the first day I was keeling over, surrendering myself completely to the mountain, even weeping a little tiny bit. In my head I apologized numerous times to various parts of my body, my hips, knees, back, feet, and soul. It was a hard day, but it went all UPHILL (haha!) from there! We belayed down a cliff side, and it was wild (THAT'S REALLY ME!):

Our guides were fantastic. They were Sheehan, Collin, and Alissa, and I wish they all lived down the street so I could have them over for dinner every day. Sheehan was the ideal representation of the kind of person I wanted to be (but in a masculine form), Collin was a bearded cheeleader that kept my plodding feet going, and Alissa was a strong, shy sweetheart.
(Sheehan with his daughter and Mark with his daughter Adeline in the first photo, and Collin and Alissa in the second)
I think I may be a little in love with Sheehan, but I think it's more a love for the idea of him. He gave me hope, I guess, for my own future. It sounds a bit silly, and I guess it's risky to put on the interwebs, but I trust that no harm will come of it. Although didn't I just say that Sheehan was the representation of the type of person I would like to be? Does that make me a narcisist? I guess I'll find out later...

Anyways. I ate food I had sworn to myself would never touch my lips, and sometimes it was good, and other times not so much. All our meals and soup and hot chocolate were served in a charming vessel called a two-cup, which is a little cup thing that has a spoon attached to it by a string. The morning we got back we had BACON. Real BACON. BACON cooked on a REAL STOVE. It took all I had in me to not moan aloud. BAAAACON.

This trip was hard, the hardest thing I had ever done in my entire life, and that is no exaggeration. But I survived, with two rather impressive bruises and a face full of inset bites, but a better person. I hope. I'm happy to be home, but I miss the mountains and the people that I met very much.

(I'm the one on the far left in the blue blue blue)

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Before yesterday, there were 4 childhood traumas I had managed to avoid:

1. broken bones
As a child I had a number of irrational fears so I stayed inside with my dolls and pillow forts.

2. chicken pox
Yes, I know the danger of getting the pox later on in life...I will get the shot someday

3. stranger danger
Who needs the candy in that man's car when I have some in my pocket?

4. bee stings
don't mess

yesterday at work I was walking across the park when a little bugger stung me on the foot. I couldn't help but think, "so this is what it feels like..."
(Since I'm sure most of you know the feeling I won't describe the pain but It was exactly the way I imagined it would be.)
Luckily I work at a day camp and I had the necessary tools to deal with my injury.
And since I didn't cry my mommy gave me some icecream and took me to watch WallE! :)

Yeah, I'm a big kid. Jealous?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

S.H.I.T. #7

Ok, to be fair...

S.H.I.T. #7: assuming that people can hear what I type and what is so vividly imprinted on my mind. I suppose I must spin off of Mallory's idea and catch her on video. Then, the YAWN will be revealed...

PS-I'm off to travel the world again, this time to Seattle for a few days, and then I take a boat to British Colombia to climb up and down a mountain and not shower for a week. Simultaneously!

S.H.I.T. #6

Since it has appeared that Mallory has stopped doing S.H.I.T's, I will make one for her.

S.H.I.T. #6: Singing while yawning.

She claims that she likes to make the mundane more interesting, or something like that, but who is she kidding! I do not understand why one cannot simply go, "ah, ah, ahhh, AAAAHHHWWWWwww..."

To me, that is plenty not-mundane. But no! it must be, "ah, ah! ah, uh, ah, ah, ah AHHHWWWahh ah!!"

(the use of double exclamation points, a practice usually discouraged, is fully permissable in this situation.)