Tuesday, June 26, 2007

second grade analogies

As you probably do not know, I work at a summer camp and rule the second graders. I have been doing this for 3 years and I usually know what to expect from hyperactive, whiny, nok-hockey experts. Much to my pleasure, the kids will have intellectual arguments within ear shot. Yesterday they discussed space travel, "It takes a mile to get to the moon right?" and today i heard a charming conversation about the future:

"i wonder what we'll look like"

"the same just taller"

"maybe we'll turn into robots"

"nooooo. If we're not robots now, we wont be then"

"yeah we'd need batteries"

"you know, the heart is like a battery"


(long thoughtful pause)


Saturday, June 23, 2007

I'm not the passenger, I'm the engine.

Maybe Pierre and Ernest Michaux didn't invent the bicycle but im going to thank them anyways. I love cycling better than any other form of transportation and now that it is summer I can hop onto my bike and GO PLACES! Just today we found a charming little path in the middle of nowhere and I rode the 8 mile distance without complaining once...
Even though I am content riding my (ancient) white and turqoise beater, nothing would be nicer than crusing on
this baby:

Of course, I might only be saying this until I can drive a car...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


No, not that D-Day... i mean David Day!!!

Happy Birthday, squire!

(I'm not a sentimental person so i would never tell him how grateful i am to have him as a friend, or how grateful i am that he puts up with me and listens to my silly problems when he could be out playing. I wouldn't dare.)

On the other hand, he could just read this.

David, have a good day and fill up on cake, okay?

This is Mallory by the way.


School ended

my free stickers from haikucircus arrived in the mail

I overcame my fear of roller coasters

felt a strange combination of nausea and endless happiness

found myself in several photographs which all happened to be very unflattering

traded in my tokens for bouncy balls and a handsome green army man in an unfortunate state (you see, both his feet are stuck to the same plastic surface!)

I was still hoping we had plenty of years before life got too difficult

Friday, June 15, 2007

Forget Mrs. Brady

I am sick again. I literally just recovered from a cold when, once again, my immune system failed me. With a weak body comes the realization of just how wonderful my mother is. Yesterday she came home from work (late, i might add) looking exhausted. But as soon as she noticed that the pile of blankets and flesh on the couch was actually her youngest daughter, she went into the kitchen to make chicken soup. From scratch.

Now that's a mom.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

stamp out the stamps

dear mallory,
hi! how are you? i was going to send you a letter in the mail, but david dropped a bombshell in my house the other day by announcing to my parents that the price for stamps has gone up from 39 cents to 42 cents.

OH MY GOD. THOSE THREE CENTS WILL SEND US SPIRALING INTO DEBT. to salvage my family from this awful fate, i'll send you a deep, heartfelt message on this contraption.

to continue.

my pool water is now habitable temperature. that is all. see you tomorrow in the purgatory.


your dad likes his jazz the way he he likes his peanut butt...?

he likes his jazz the way he likes his peanut butter

Dear Dad,

Hi. I was just in the car with you, remember? Anyways, riding shot gun gave me an excellent opportunity to observe your ears. They aren't shaped any differently, they don't hang low , or wobble to and fro, you can't tie 'em in a knot, you can't tie 'em in a bow....

okay, the reason i was searching for a flaw or possible wax build-up was because you cannot stop listening to SMOOOOOOOOTH JAZZ.

don't get me wrong, i love jazz. I can write a news article 5x faster when jazz is playing, but c'mon smooth? smooth?!

I try to be accepting. I bite my tongue from calling it elevator music, "Let us put you on hold" music, but my head starts throbbing and my lids get heavier and suddenly i want to fall out of the car and roll down the street. Honestly.

I googled "smooth jazz haters" in hopes of finding others like me. Instead i found an article about another man's smooth jazz addiction. Kirk Pynchon regrets his affinity for smooth jazz, he understands that "like masturbation, listening to smooth jazz is best done alone." (yikes, am i addressing my father?)

Father's Day is coming soon so my present to you? Accepting your lifestyle as a smooth jazz lover.
In the meantime I will fulfill my jazz craving with a little Charles Mingus (check the top right to dl)

Friday, June 8, 2007

I think I can, I think I can, I...

I wanna be the orange bird. or maybe the green one, depending on my mood.

So i decided that i really need to get off my lazy ass, and sit down on it and write one of these posts. I'm following the advice of the little engine that could. You go blue girl!

It's 12:06 AM, i really can't sleep, and i'm fairly certain that there's approximatly 4lbs of sand under my eyelids that's causing me excrutiating pain. Think of the blue....

I was just having a discussion with david before about compliments. I had complimented him and sami, another handsome devil who is one COOL CAT, and he [david] was at utter shock at the fact that i would say such outrageous things, like you're good-looking or whatever the heck i said. My point, as it is, is that people should stop taking such compliments completely out of proportion, and start appreciating them as sincere words from a friend. Everyone likes honest compliments! But taboo of the sexes forids such compliments from gender to gender. silly stuff, ain't it?

goodness gracious me. gotta blow my whistle now and rest my weary wheels.

moral of story: don't decide to post posts at 12:06 AM, or be prepared to get a severe case of the fatigue-induced munchies halfway into it.


David Bowie never fails

okay, a couple of new things around here:

1) I folded origami, photographed it, and made a swell header. The two birds were supposed to be Danielle and I but we have a new addition...

2)...D! Yes, I have invited our friend and handsome devil, David to write his heart out. He listens to metal and loves his mom and even took us to church once to save our souls! What more could we ask for?

Thursday, June 7, 2007


um yeah, im D

so i was on wikipedia and i found out about like christian black metal, which completly contradicts itself, but why not so im gonna try it out. the name of the band is antestor and supposedly they are mad good.

Padraic My Prince

Found on Foundmagazine.com:Post Script:
I hate Bright Eyes. Don't let the title mislead you.

Monday, June 4, 2007

a weekend for my weak end

im sick and miserable but it is finally June and for my family it means birthday month. I have had way too much cake and pizza and absolute garbage this weekend that you can forget about my resolution of going to the gym. Yes, maybe a 15 year old's body image isn't that great to start off with and no im not saying im fat but goddamn you nacho's... you're just being cruel...

anyways im done ranting and now a few things my uncle has taught me:

I should always call my mother...even when i go to college

Drink my milk because I seem young and invincible now but osteoporosis will kick me when I'm down

The people in Walmart are terrible but always a pleasure to study.

Incidentally, Dianne from Walmart thinks the twins are cute but doesn't understand why they're not dressed exactly the same. How else would people know they're twins without the matching jumpsuits?!