Monday, August 18, 2008

The view from the hotel window

is not very pleasant to look at. We are driving down to Florida, the opposite direction from all those cars driving NORTH, away from the full-of-rage Hurricane Fay. It's funny; every time we pass a television we see those familiar angry white swirls of terror, and I swear I can almost hear a voice mutter darkly and excitedly, "Just give me the chance and I will cook your liver and feed your heart to my cat." That is Hurricane Fay personified: a formidable, hard woman, a flying-apart-at-the-seams woman, the kind that will go out of their way to whack you off the sidewalk with her clanking floral-print bag of cat food. Only this time I'm not being knocked over by a bag of clanking cat food; it's a 75 MPH MURDEROUS WIND OF DESTRUCTION. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'd totally beat you up if you weren't already broken

Click on image for better viewing of my artistic ability.

Monday, August 11, 2008


A short run-through of my past month:
-Packed like mad for hiking trip
-Enjoyed Seattle
-Climbed up and down a mountain
-Slept and ate a lot of unhealthy food
-Caught up with Mallory, talked about interwebs and skinny-dipping
-Packed fancy clothes for Global Young Leaders Conference is Washington DC
-Toured Washington and hung out with Germans, Russians, Guatemalans, Arabs, South Africans, Italians, Greeks, English, Irish, Panamanians, YOU NAME IT!
-Came home, walked to Princeton with Mallory and had family visit
-Went to ER because my intestino grueso, or my large intestine, started eating itself, had a shot of morphine and a CAT scan, found out that it was swollen but no one knew why, and slept. 
-Woke up and posted. SEE HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU, INTERWEBS? Now excuse me while I go die.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

my Achilles' heel

"Listen, I don't care what you say about my race creed or religion, Fatty, but don't tell me I'm not sensitive to beauty. That's my Achilles' heel, and don't you forget it. To me, everything is beautiful. Show me a pink sunset and I'm limp, by God. Anything. 'Peter Pan.' Even before the curtain goes up at 'Peter Pan' I'm a goddam puddle of tears"

-Franny and Zooey
J.D. Salinger