Sunday, February 28, 2010

true doppelgangers

I visited an exhibit yesterday at the Smithsonian American Art Museum for my Doppelgangers class. The exhibit featured 19th century photographs of the West. Everything was sepia-toned, obviously, but on top of that the lighting was dim and the photographs were tiny. I wasn't wearing my glasses, and it felt bothersome and surreal, like I was trying to view tiny canyons and gnarled trunks through a glass of foggy urine. I went looking at neon high-tops afterwards to make my vision feel better.

Studying for midterms

No. My life is not beautiful or glamorous or dramatic. I do what I have to do. I enjoy your company. I make up for it in dreams.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I asked for it.

When I think about snow I imagine a winter wonderland. I imagine waking up, checking the window and going back to bed. Well it doesn't snow like that it Boston. It gets unbearably cold and grey. Then the rain falls and makes everything wet and gross. Then the snow falls and turns into mush. Boots are essential.

Monday, February 22, 2010


You would think that writing a paper would keep me occupied but I'm still looking for more things to distract myself. I hate waiting and feeling useless.
Anyways did you know James Joyce wrote really dirty love letters to his girlfriend/wife, Nora Barnacle. If you don't believe me, ask the dishes:
My love for you allows me to pray to the
spirit of eternal beauty and tenderness
mirrored in your eyes or to fling you down
under me on that soft belly of yours and fuck
you up behind, like a hog riding a sow,
glorying in the very stink and sweat that rises
from your arse, glorying in the open shame
of your upturned dress and white girlish
drawers and in the confusion of your
flushed cheeks and tangled hair.

Trust me, I didn't write that erotic shit myself. Now I've never been into Joyce (you know, because I'm illiterate) but damn that man was dirty.

Friday, February 19, 2010


So maybe this doesn't count as updating the blog but it's pretty funny.
 so yeah go here and make your URL shady
 is now

Friday, February 5, 2010


The glockenspiel was totally created for falling snow. True* fact.

*not true

Monday, February 1, 2010

don't adeus me

I signed up to take these student-taught Portuguese classes at school, and I start next Sunday. Being the arrogant motherfucker that I am (mac is trying to tell me that motherfucker is not a word), I want to go in the class with some basic knowledge so I can be all PSHH I'm totally above this.
I downloaded some neat podcasts the other day and learned basic greetings and farewells. There was this one part that I took totally out of context, and I was feeling kind of  contemplative, and there was snow falling outside, and I should stop making excuses...
ANYWHO the part was this: the typical way to say bye in Portuguese is tchau (like Purina Dog Chow). But then the soothing voice continued on to say, "you can also use the word adeus, but only if you are never going to see that person again."
Seemed like kind of a heavy statement.