Monday, June 29, 2009

the old switcharoo

Updates (from Danielle's side of the 100 acre woods)

1) I've been in and out of various pools and graduation parties and hosted a lovely little breakfast for the neighbors. On the menu were a variety of bagels, three different kinds of cream cheeses, scrambled eggs, salmon, bready quiche made by Mallory's mom, fruit salad, and apple strudels. I would've liked to have it be like the wild brunch on the upper east side complete with lobster, caviar, champagne, frills, and a heady dose of drama: but unfortunately I have neither the funds nor the queen blair-ness to command something like that.

2) I'm practicing daydreaming again. I used to be quite the pro, but as I entered high school and got some real friends and a real life I stopped and now I find I can't daydream without simply  getting distracted from my daydream and zoning out and thinking about nothing. Not being able to focus on daydreaming is a sad thing indeed. I prefer daydreaming because I feel like it is a bit of a less waste of time then zoning out. Picking my evil, I am.

3) I leave for orientation at George Washington University (is every school I attend doomed to be a mouthful?) tomorrow morning at 5. Maybe I'll meet fantastic witty people. Then again maybe those people might meet me ;)

4) I'm more and more pumped for the new Harry Potter movie every day. Fight back, you coward!

Friday, June 26, 2009

comments on the weather


1. The weather has gotten really hot, really quickly. I know this because I am under the sun from 9-5 yelling at children and wishing my bangs wouldn't stick to my forehead.

2. Dinner every night is especially delicious and healthy. My theory is that mother wants me to miss her cooking hardxcore when I leave for school.

3. Infinite Jest is going along fine. I started a bit late because I had to finish rereading Harry Potter ( CANT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE) but I'm on schedule. Working on deadlines actually produces results and I'm enjoying the experience.

4. I have to get organized.

Monday, June 8, 2009

infinite is a scary word.

Okay I'm starting on a positive note because I WILL DO THIS. Trust me, I will do it.

This was the original introduction to this post: I have the bad tendency to start things and not finish them. You see, if it isn't an assignment for school, or a chore appointed by my screaming mother I simply don't have the will power to do it. Of course once I set my mind to something I'll be damned if I don't accomplish the task.

If you don't know, although I'm certain you do, there has been certain hype over a website called

You should check out the link and if you're a bibliophile like I am, get involved. For those who don't trust where my links lead, I will tell you that it is like a support group for one of most critically acclaimed novels ever, Infinite Jest. The book is ridiculously long with about a million footnotes. I bought it it last year on a sidewalk sale and tried to read it. I got to page 30 and gave up. Then this year I picked it up again and got to page 115 (my bookmark is still in between the pages). AND THEN God came down to earth and showed me an opportunity to start again.

I'm in. I'm doing it. And I will be mentioning my progress here. Don't groan, I'm not a literary expert so I won't be writing insightful essays or anything. Maybe I'll just complain. But whatever, it's good for me. That way I can go to BU next year and say I read the book and immediately seem like a pretentious shut-in with way too much time on my hands.

I've always been good with directions so I will be starting June 21st and reading about 75 pages a week.

I'm excited. I'm a nerd.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Harry Potter and the girls who love the books hardXcore

It's been a while since Danielle and I wrote a post....TOGETHER!
actually it's been a while since we've actually wrote anything.
 SO here is a list of life advice we learned from HARRY POTTER:
1. make sure your best friend is ten times smarter than you. It comes in handy
2. trust your instincts
3. don't make enemies who can actually harm you
4. there is not such thing as fate. You HAVE A CHOICE. Go Gryffindor
5. sometimes it's okay to break the rules
6. know some good insults.
7. treat everybody like your equal-house elves included
8. first impressions are sometimes wrong
9. LOVE conquers all
10. "it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that." -Dumbledore
11. follow Dumbledore's advice, always
12. when in doubt, go to the library
13. "fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself "
14 . Don't be so stubborn all the time. 
15. chocolate makes you feel better 

Yeah, I (Mallory) have been rereading all the harry potter books and forgot how AWESOME they were. And Danielle never forgot. okay so peace out. hope you like our advice and if not please read HP because it's so much better than Twilight.

oh and stay away from fan fiction.