Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whatever, I do what I want!

My weekend was dedicated to domestic bliss and I say that in a totally un-ironic/un-sarcastic way. Sometimes I hibernate at home. And by hibernate I mean help mom in garden, do the dishes, go grocery shopping, walk the dog and pick out a good looking recipe for dinner (Salad Nicoise). I even managed to paint my nails properly. They are now Pink Breeze.

I don't know exactly what point I'm trying to prove here. Maybe that it's kinda lame to stay at home all weekend but putting coolness aside I find great pleasure in doing housewife-like tasks every once in a while.

I feel weird saying it too because, well, I'm only a seventeen year old girl who, for the most part, fantasizes about the glamorous and sophisticated city-life waiting for me in the future and in terms of 1950s housewife ideals I become insanely defensive in a no-shave feminist sort of way...not to mention I dislike the idea of cookie cutter suburban communities (my Weeds addiction doesn't help) AND I just watched Revolutionary Road last night-the ultimate HORROR movie in terms of domesticity...

The point is, I sometimes like "playing house" if only for a little while.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Diet plan

I think I have food poisoning. I haven't been hungry for a long time. I feel like I could go my entire life without ever eating again. No it's not an eating disorder, and yes I am eating despite my lack of appetite. I just thought I would share this odd feeling. I suppose this is what it's like to be a machine. Although I do need sleep. Sleeping beauty slept forever without eating. Maybe she ate the lox I had for breakfast yesterday morning?

Infinite Jest update:
I'm on page 185. So 796 pages left (not including footnotes)! I keep picking up "toughen-up" mottoes that seem to make perfect sense. A lot of the quotations are for the insane tennis players in the book and although I'm not exactly athletic, I could easily have an athletic mind-set.
(Not necessarily) good life lessons for the day:
"What is unfair can be a stern and invaluable teacher."-IJ

"If you are an adolescent, here is the trick to being neither quite a nerd nor quite a jock: be no one. It is easier than you think."

"Please learn the pragmatics of expressing fear: sometimes words that seem to express really invoke."

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oh say can you see

happy birthday America. I'm getting along fine with the book, thank you very much. I took it to the ocean yesterday and it survived the sand, the water and my smelly messy dog stepping all over. So far the book is really funny but at times difficult. The best way to approach the book is with ETA's former motto:

*since I failed latin my Junior year, the only reason I know the translation is because it is footnote 32: They can kill you but the legalities of eating you are quite a bit dicier.