Monday, December 28, 2009

because I can

I think I'll like making lists of five things, SO here is a list of five instruments that my 8-year-old self thought my 18-year-old self should have complete mastery of by now:
  1. The Piano (check! Kinda, not really. I gave up)
  2. The Glockenspiel (I am totally impressed that my 8-year-old self knew what that was)
  3. The Saxophone (I don't think I have enough jazz in my soul to pull this one off without coming across as a total tool/nerd)
  4. The Guitar (I can strum like three chords, but not without whining about the strings cutting into my fingers. I'm a baby)
  5. The Kazoo (I still have hope!)
My 8-year-old self is shaking its head in disappointment at my current self. Sorry little dude(ette).

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home is wherever I'm with you

It's awfully late but I guess that doesn't matter when you're waiting for a boy
especially one who smells good and makes you laugh and holds your hand in his pocket since it's terribly cold outside.

It's cold inside too. I'm back in Princeton for a good while and the house is never a comfortable temperature. Thank god for flannel. Anyways to get to my point: I'm back.
Surprisingly a semester of college doesn't mean my mom can't boss me around anymore. She'll still drive me to Danielle's house tomorrow and tell me to do the dishes.
I'll end with a cliche: Some things never change

Friday, December 11, 2009

survival of the fittest...or the laziest

There are so many projects to be started and abandoned, so I'm proposing a new one for myself: weird shit I eat. Now that I'm in college and I can't rely on those trusty ingredients in the kitchen cabinet, I have to make do with the weird things I can scrounge up at 2 am when my stomach starts making the grumblies that only hands can satisfy. 

I know Mallory eats real food at the cafeteria all the time, but if there happens to be a freak incident where there's a weird combination of food in her meal then the world deserves to know about it. This is mainly for myself, just so I can look back one day and wonder how I didn't pass out from the massive quantities of MSG I shoved in my body.

So tonights 2 am menu includes:
week-old blueberry mini-muffins, ramen noodles, and Orangina. Fascinating.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Today I had one of the strangest days of my life. I'm eating a banana covered in nutella in consolation.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

white winter hymnal

I like it when snow settles into people's hair and into the fur around their hoods.