Thursday, May 29, 2008

a new move just to keep moving*

I hope my sister doesn't read this blog. Yesterday I took the dinky into town to buy her a birthday present. She is turning 20 so I wanted her to have incredibly useless items crowding her new house. Art students need all the crap they can get!

^this is a pencil sharpener robot! It's also a wind up toy and I'm sure it will help clean up her bedroom if asked nicely.

^this fork extends up to 2 feet long! I know she's short on cash so now she can just eat other people's food. It's SO long, I couldn't find a proper angle to photograph it!

Enough about her. This is what I bought myself:

^It's a sturdy, bright orange, incredibly simple, gridded notebook. I like that it's practical, just like my brain!

^This book is really great. Some cats went around with a suggestion box in NYC and people went nuts with creativity. Check out the link for more info. Here are my favorites:

Yes, those are my stupid little fingers.
*I'm keeping my posts light-hearted so not to frighten away any new readers that venture this way. If you like when I'm bitter, I'll have to write more are night.


Godless Sunday said...

I'm not frightened by your fingers or your bitterness. write away!

NYD said...

Good gifts and great messages.

Need nme one of them forks.