Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Mallory goes to...

With the Oscars on last night, it seems that all this pop culture has just vomited all over my brain. And so I've been thinking about celebrities I really want to know. I might be a teenage girl, but I'm not that into heartthrobs (with the exception of Ed Westwick, but don't get me started) so here are the top three famous people that I would eagerly take on a strictly platonic lunch date.

Sean Penn: I don't care what people say about this nut job, I like him immensely BECAUSE of his absurdity. And he was so beautiful in Milk that I will always forgive him.

Mos Def: I was watching this documentary on Richard Pryor, and every time Mos Def came on I felt like hugging him. I just swear he's nice.

Jon Stewart: This wouldn't be platonic. I'm hardcore crushing on this man for obvious reasons.

surprise interaction: who would be your top three celebrity platonic dream dates?

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Shen-Shen said...

Since you've said "platonic," I have about 0 people left, but I think I would lunch with..

Ellen Page: She seems so funny. SO funny. And she's Canadian, like me! So we'd bond. I don't care that she played an irritating pregnant teenager.

Tina Fey: Legitly my hero. So hilarious. And she could be like my second mommy. After Angelina adopts me.

Robert Pattinson: Because he's relatively good looking and it would piss off his legions of FANPIRES (Yes, FANPIRES. I'm cheesy.) and that would really amuse me.