Friday, December 11, 2009

survival of the fittest...or the laziest

There are so many projects to be started and abandoned, so I'm proposing a new one for myself: weird shit I eat. Now that I'm in college and I can't rely on those trusty ingredients in the kitchen cabinet, I have to make do with the weird things I can scrounge up at 2 am when my stomach starts making the grumblies that only hands can satisfy. 

I know Mallory eats real food at the cafeteria all the time, but if there happens to be a freak incident where there's a weird combination of food in her meal then the world deserves to know about it. This is mainly for myself, just so I can look back one day and wonder how I didn't pass out from the massive quantities of MSG I shoved in my body.

So tonights 2 am menu includes:
week-old blueberry mini-muffins, ramen noodles, and Orangina. Fascinating.


Anonymous said...

Austin and I once went down to the convenience store at 1am to eat:
italian sandwich, sweet tea, mandarin oranges, hummus, sour patch watermelons.


tony said...

Breakfast Of Champions!