Friday, January 29, 2010

I swear to God he's a madman.

I think most literate beings now know that J.D. Salinger died this week. This is not an obituary or anything. The Catcher in the Rye is my 100% favorite book and I think the majority of the country is with me on this one. What can I say, we're all angst-ridden teens deep at heart.

I don't have anything original to say about the book or the man (nor have I ever, considering my 10th grade final paper on the novel) and when Danielle told me he died yesterday I didn't feel too much remorse. After all he was a grumpy old recluse who bitterly hoarded his final writings.

 A few months ago my boyfriend and I were arguing about whether a movie adaptation was possible. Me being the bookworm and him being the future Hollywood director I think you can guess which side we argued.  Anyways I've been devouring every article about our deceased author recently and specifically this one: talks about a Catcher movie adaptation.

Salinger rejected several movie offers because the only person who was ever capable of portraying Holden was Salinger himself. As soon as I realized that I was hit with sadness. Holden Caulfield did grow up and move into his beloved cabin in the woods. He secluded himself from the phonies he resented, and then passed away on January 27. And you can all say Caulfield/Salinger will live forever within the pages of the Catcher in the Rye and all those things you're supposed to say about dead people but the best thing I can think of saying is goodbye.

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