Monday, February 1, 2010

don't adeus me

I signed up to take these student-taught Portuguese classes at school, and I start next Sunday. Being the arrogant motherfucker that I am (mac is trying to tell me that motherfucker is not a word), I want to go in the class with some basic knowledge so I can be all PSHH I'm totally above this.
I downloaded some neat podcasts the other day and learned basic greetings and farewells. There was this one part that I took totally out of context, and I was feeling kind of  contemplative, and there was snow falling outside, and I should stop making excuses...
ANYWHO the part was this: the typical way to say bye in Portuguese is tchau (like Purina Dog Chow). But then the soothing voice continued on to say, "you can also use the word adeus, but only if you are never going to see that person again."
Seemed like kind of a heavy statement.


Austin said...

The same but so different/
What a paradox. And I've been thinking lately, that paradox really is 3 main concepts, theories you could say.

Austin said...

oh and this post sucked.