Sunday, May 23, 2010

SIGH (auditorium)

The new Time magazine's cover article was about facebook and how its changing the world and 5 bajillion people use it and it's how we connect and all that stupid shit. I think Time is actually a crap magazine compared to other magazines I should be reading but...
I don't know.

I have been second guessing myself and now I don't know what to do. I deleted my facebook a few months ago because I wasted too much time there and most of the time I just realized how much I hate everything and everyone. Yes, I am angst-ridden.

Being facebookless has made me realize who my true friends are-people I talk to on a daily or weekly basis and enjoy. I have also been able to concentrate on my school work and ignore petty rumors and gossip and scandalous photos.
However it's not like I don't enjoy projecting myself on the internet. THAT'S WHY I HAVE A FUCKING BLOG (that nobody really reads but whatevs).

However, going away to college means I can't keep in touch with everyone...

and I don't want to be forgotten by my fake friends!

Plus I'm buying a digital camera soon and what's the point of taking pictures without it.
Shit Okay.

I'll probably delete it when I head back to Boston.
I feel like I'm giving in, abandoning my principles.

On the other hand you're probably thinking
"Stop being so goddamn dramatic nobody CARES."
So fuck you world, I'm gonna re-enter the social network and pretend you do care.