Sunday, September 14, 2008

sunday afternoon

Today Mallory, my mother, and I drove to the Princeton Battlefield with our pups to let them run free free free. Peter is in the hormonal teenager stage and all he really wants is some ass. And to be loved. He's not that smart but he's deadly cute. DEADLY.

(I know that this photo is not that cute but do not blame the photographer; that dog would not stay still for a moment. That leaf really needed a severe telling off anyways.)

Lily is in her spayed pissed-off feminist stage who secretly wants some ass. I mean look at this:
She is the one doing the chasing here! So we coulda used a blanket, but the grass was ok and the sun was nice and it wasn't too hot. I used to go to the Battlefield all the time when I was a wee tot, so it was nice to be back. Check out Mallory posing:

Afterwards we went to Pizza Star and got some cannoli's and pizza. It was nice. 


Amirah said...

AAAAHH - sooo cute!

Helena said...

Well I think they're so cute my teeth ache :)

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Merry Magpie said...

That looks like so much fun. I want to take my dog to a lake, he is supposed to be a good swimmer but he does not come well. On a lease but not without it. Darn... lol

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Fabulous post! You've put a real smile on my face. Thnaks!

NYD said...

I have been away from here for far too long. Catching up on your backposts was a hoot. Glad you made it back from Fla. and hope that poodlejamz is a success. I don't fool around with My Space, but it seems like you've got some sort of following already. がんばって!

maxxo said...

well cute, but do they yap a lot? it's funny how animals love to bum sniff ... maybe we would too, if we smelt as good ... haha