Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just Another Teen Poet (oh god)

This was written for my ex boyfriend who liked to smoke. I spent too much time on him at the expense of others. I don't really know how Mallory put up with me during THE LONGEST YEAR AND A HALF OF MY LIFE. My  rather pathetic excuse is that he was my first boyfriend.

On the background of this poem I sketched a very large and very angry white skull on a black background. It was probably expressing my hidden secret desire for him to be abducted by pirates so I wouldn't have to deal with his whining any longer.

Enjoy the unnecessary commas, parenthesis, and words that I bolded to make an impact. 

Just Another Teen Statistic

My love, you cannot see how you hurt yourself.
Your friends,
All those that love you.
I stand helplessly by,
As you sink lower,
In your own black tar-filled pit
(dug by your own hands.)
Your world narrows and narrows,
'Til you can't even see
The tears rolling down my cheeks,
As I silently mourn the birth
Of just another Teen Statistic.



Anonymous said...

why is teen statistic capitalized? i think that's the real problem with this poem

tony said...

Seems We Both Have Pirates on our Minds..!