Friday, November 7, 2008

my milk spill brings all the boys to the blog


I love Barack Obama. I like America a little bit more.

I am wearing Jen's sweatpants because they are soft and warm. Not because I like to steal her stuff and be just like her. So don't yell at me, sister!

I wish Peter had a higher IQ

I spilled milk on the table and it's the cutest mistake ever. You know, unplanned but not unwanted:

Have a solid weekend. As opposed to a liquid one.


Anonymous said...

Clever title. Mrs. Miller would approve of our unplanned but not unwanted milk-ghost, although probably Victoria or Vanessa or whatever the fuck her name is probably wouldn't've terminated that Precious Moment.


Amirah said...


maxxo said...

did that ghost happen naturally?

Anonymous said...

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