Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whatever, I do what I want!

My weekend was dedicated to domestic bliss and I say that in a totally un-ironic/un-sarcastic way. Sometimes I hibernate at home. And by hibernate I mean help mom in garden, do the dishes, go grocery shopping, walk the dog and pick out a good looking recipe for dinner (Salad Nicoise). I even managed to paint my nails properly. They are now Pink Breeze.

I don't know exactly what point I'm trying to prove here. Maybe that it's kinda lame to stay at home all weekend but putting coolness aside I find great pleasure in doing housewife-like tasks every once in a while.

I feel weird saying it too because, well, I'm only a seventeen year old girl who, for the most part, fantasizes about the glamorous and sophisticated city-life waiting for me in the future and in terms of 1950s housewife ideals I become insanely defensive in a no-shave feminist sort of way...not to mention I dislike the idea of cookie cutter suburban communities (my Weeds addiction doesn't help) AND I just watched Revolutionary Road last night-the ultimate HORROR movie in terms of domesticity...

The point is, I sometimes like "playing house" if only for a little while.

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