Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On to Paradiso...

I have been plagued with assignments. Papers and projects and trying to finish the entire Divine Comedy in less than a month. Three more weeks and I'm done with my freshman year. You would think that writing here would be a nice escape but I sort of forced myself to write a blog post. I don't have anything interesting to say about my life. Last week a form of senior-itis hit me HARD. I was so unmotivated in a very hectic week. Luckily I just snapped out of it yesterday. This is good because not only is this the final push before finals but I'm not in free public high school anymore. I'm at one of the most goddam expensive institutions in the country and it's time to start working like I'm paying for it.

Hooray education.

On a side note: I just reached for my Halls Defense Vitamin C supplement drops and pulled out the final four. They're all yellow. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since I've been avoiding the yellow ones.

It's sort of spring outside. It looks sunny and warm but there is a perpetual icy wind to remind me of where I am.

Oh and it's earth week here. I'm not a green freak or anything but I figured it doesn't hurt to be responsible. I actually recycled my newspaper today (oh, did I mention I read the Wall Street Journal? oh those University students...) and sometimes think about the consequences of eating meat right before I gorge myself with dining hall chicken. My biodiversity professor has a blog about being green and I'm secretly obsessed with his super nerdy antics. Sheesh he's dry in class but strangely quirky on the internet (I guess I am too...)

oh and this might not be news to anybody but me but my new favorite blog: http://yearofgiving.wordpress.com/
is super awesome and good feeling. So enjoy.

Peace. Thanks for reading all this.

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