Thursday, July 10, 2008


Before yesterday, there were 4 childhood traumas I had managed to avoid:

1. broken bones
As a child I had a number of irrational fears so I stayed inside with my dolls and pillow forts.

2. chicken pox
Yes, I know the danger of getting the pox later on in life...I will get the shot someday

3. stranger danger
Who needs the candy in that man's car when I have some in my pocket?

4. bee stings
don't mess

yesterday at work I was walking across the park when a little bugger stung me on the foot. I couldn't help but think, "so this is what it feels like..."
(Since I'm sure most of you know the feeling I won't describe the pain but It was exactly the way I imagined it would be.)
Luckily I work at a day camp and I had the necessary tools to deal with my injury.
And since I didn't cry my mommy gave me some icecream and took me to watch WallE! :)

Yeah, I'm a big kid. Jealous?


maxxo said...

i once got stung by a wasp on my leg. that wasn't fun, but not as bad as everyone makes out. it could depend on your skin make-up, how sensitive you are to bites and stings ... mosquitos love me, but not others. i wish i could return the affection.

NYD said...

If you can make it through the summer without encountering the other three traumas than you may pat yourself on the back and proclaim victory!

odd facts said...

You forgot dinosaurs!