Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Playing exploradora with Pedro

While Danielle is in D.C. debating politics with young leaders, I have replaced her with a new companion:

This is Peter. He will pee all over you. Affectionately.

Yesterday we walked around the Institute for Super Hard Core Geniuses. Although I love Princeton, I've always been an Institute girl. The campus is tucked away and much more private. I used to play there when I was younger and I forgot how lovely the place is.

In case you don't know the Institute is where Albert Einstein hung around and did his work until he died. So I like to pretend that his ghost is roaming around somewhere.
If your imagination fails you, I have visuals:

The Rhombus!

A door knob?

what time is it, Mr Fox?


The wall leaks

The Dog drinks.


maxxo said...

that little dog looks like snowy out of tintin - cute! quite an adventure ... :o)

Amirah said...

what an adorable dog! I'm not a dog person at all (and predictably, all dogs LOVE me), but really, I love Peter!