Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good for you, glenn coco!

At the animal hospital, we sometimes have to keep pets for a couple of days to a couple of weeks for surgery, observation, etc. Oftentimes, IF THEIR OWNERS LOVE THEM, they visit them in the hospital, spending sometimes hours cooing into their oftentimes mangled ears. It's sweet, and sad, and sometimes funny, like the stuffy woman last week who came in complaining that we were serving tap-water to Precious, and not only tap water, but ROOM temperature tap-water, because at home her Precious only got Perrier Ice Water, and that's why Precious had Internal Bleeding, and she pronounced each word like they were all capitalized.

Today was lovely, though. Most owners visit for about 10-15 minutes, often more. Not today! Coco is an adorable squish-faced pug (as opposed to the smooth-faced?), very old, and very fat who was staying at the hospital for about a week for a toe problem. Today I was told that her owner wanted to visit Coco, and I brought her out and saw the darlingest happiest wrinkliest oldest chinese man. He stooped down to look at Coco in her bulging eyes and said, "Hello, Coco!" very politely with hardly suppressed joy. He then straightened up, smiled at the dog, said, "Good-bye Coco!" and tottered out the door. That's it. I was left there completely nonplussed, but it made me happy. Hope Coco is happy too.

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maxxo said...

ahh see, i wouldn't be able to restrain myself, you'd have to offer me a cuppa tea and everything while i sat with my cat or bunny and read them a bedside story ....

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