Sunday, October 5, 2008

A real pal

A recent phone conversation with my friend Sadhana:

S: I found the best secret for making scrambled eggs
M: what
S: add milk
M: I could have told you that
S: Am I the only one who doesn't know that?!?
M: yes. Remember when you made me breakfast?
S: No
M: well you hard-core scrambled those eggs. I was eating a million tiny egg dots. I needed a spoon.
S: Shut up! I made them into non choke-able pieces for you!!


Sadhana said...

you're welcome

Amirah said...

ahh i've been suuuuper busy - literally starting and abandoning posts because i keep getting distracted by other stuff! i plan to put up a biiig update of what i've been up to. just have to finish writing it!