Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Requirements for bff/admirer (from afar)

I have a list in my head of all the people I really wish I were friends with in our school, so that when I passed them in the hallways I could wave and smile at them and they would respond in a like manner. Instead, I have to admire/desire from afar...

The list includes:
The cool Korean boy with the killer afro and style to match
The-4 foot 8 inches-hobbit-boy-with-hobbit-hair-and-girl-voice
The charming math teacher
The wild out of his mind loud white-haired Government teacher
The charming and attractive football player/genius hotshot
The small adorable skater kid who graduated last year (whenever I passed him in the hallway I had a frantic urge to gently place him in my pocket and keep him there, like a small pocket pet. Actually, I feel the same urge with subject #2.) 

The list goes on and on. I do realize that this may give some the accidental impression that I am a creepasaurus rex. I simply write what we are all thinking, really. I mean, lay on the charm and wittiness, throw in a foreign accent and a small stature, and you will be my best friend. Or at least I will hope/pretend you will one day be.


Jon said...

oh danielle why cant you just be happy with your friends you have now and not think about those other people you'll never be satisfied if your always wanting more

The Mighty Beluga said...

Jon, I am more that satisfied with the friends I have now. but see these are people that I just want to put in my pocket and observe! and I can't really do that with you guys, can I?


tony said...

(a Babel Fish writes....) Merci de visiter mon Blog.I admirent votre Madame d'écriture Danielle...........

maxxo said...

unrequited love is the best; it never dies. savour your lust my friend, while you still can muster some up!

Anonymous said...

if that's your requirements for a best friend then you must have pulled my name out of a hat. just kidding im the BEST.

also i like your Welsh description. and OH MAN i just realized the skater kid you were talking about!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... I'm short and have a UK accent - does that count?

Actually, I'm very intrigued about
the "4 foot 8 inches-hobbit-boy-with-hobbit-hair-and-girl-voice"

I suppose I'm 'hobit-curious' (!)

Does he have big hairy feet?