Monday, June 29, 2009

the old switcharoo

Updates (from Danielle's side of the 100 acre woods)

1) I've been in and out of various pools and graduation parties and hosted a lovely little breakfast for the neighbors. On the menu were a variety of bagels, three different kinds of cream cheeses, scrambled eggs, salmon, bready quiche made by Mallory's mom, fruit salad, and apple strudels. I would've liked to have it be like the wild brunch on the upper east side complete with lobster, caviar, champagne, frills, and a heady dose of drama: but unfortunately I have neither the funds nor the queen blair-ness to command something like that.

2) I'm practicing daydreaming again. I used to be quite the pro, but as I entered high school and got some real friends and a real life I stopped and now I find I can't daydream without simply  getting distracted from my daydream and zoning out and thinking about nothing. Not being able to focus on daydreaming is a sad thing indeed. I prefer daydreaming because I feel like it is a bit of a less waste of time then zoning out. Picking my evil, I am.

3) I leave for orientation at George Washington University (is every school I attend doomed to be a mouthful?) tomorrow morning at 5. Maybe I'll meet fantastic witty people. Then again maybe those people might meet me ;)

4) I'm more and more pumped for the new Harry Potter movie every day. Fight back, you coward!

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