Monday, June 8, 2009

infinite is a scary word.

Okay I'm starting on a positive note because I WILL DO THIS. Trust me, I will do it.

This was the original introduction to this post: I have the bad tendency to start things and not finish them. You see, if it isn't an assignment for school, or a chore appointed by my screaming mother I simply don't have the will power to do it. Of course once I set my mind to something I'll be damned if I don't accomplish the task.

If you don't know, although I'm certain you do, there has been certain hype over a website called

You should check out the link and if you're a bibliophile like I am, get involved. For those who don't trust where my links lead, I will tell you that it is like a support group for one of most critically acclaimed novels ever, Infinite Jest. The book is ridiculously long with about a million footnotes. I bought it it last year on a sidewalk sale and tried to read it. I got to page 30 and gave up. Then this year I picked it up again and got to page 115 (my bookmark is still in between the pages). AND THEN God came down to earth and showed me an opportunity to start again.

I'm in. I'm doing it. And I will be mentioning my progress here. Don't groan, I'm not a literary expert so I won't be writing insightful essays or anything. Maybe I'll just complain. But whatever, it's good for me. That way I can go to BU next year and say I read the book and immediately seem like a pretentious shut-in with way too much time on my hands.

I've always been good with directions so I will be starting June 21st and reading about 75 pages a week.

I'm excited. I'm a nerd.


Anonymous said...

oh boy. good luck lady.


Jon said...

Wasn't the time magazine article called the same thing..... plagiarism?