Sunday, May 13, 2007

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Happy Mother's Day!
At this moment my mother has gone AWOL...
actually that is not true but I usually never get a chance to say that.
Right at this moment I am searching for a scrumptious carrot cake recipe to make for my mother. Very foolishly I headed to and lets face it, I'm not advanced enough for this recipe
Danielle is in New York with her Mother, ac
tually she just called me to ask where the MOMA is. I wish I knew, and I hope she finds it. (It's her first time!)
Oh the MOMA! Imagine living there. I would sleep in Rauchenbergs bed and hide in the bookstore and eat at the The Modern...and probably drive myself crazy.

So yesterday Danielle and I attended a peace fest. Student activists, music, falafel and bare feet!
For a good cause it was O.K. but all that feet just doesn't seem like a good idea! We nearly suffocated before i decided to shag ass and we ran outside to climb a tree. I fear heights but Danielle's monkey-like skills came in handy. We yelled at a boy with dreadlocks and were the official tree Gods...until an awkward couple caught us spying on them.

Anyways back inside the "fest" was finally picking up and the hippies started dancing and the world started raining, and things were

So back at home i was thinking about being terribly young and caring about the world and how maybe a 16 year old activist isn't really doing anything at all but if you get a whole bunch of kids and they sorta care or want to care...well thats really all we can do. Am i making any sense? Maybe not.

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