Friday, May 11, 2007

First Impressions

Georgia font because we're peachy. Fo realz, yo.

who are these magical figures typing up this blog?

I am Mallory, and the girl sitting next to me is Danielle. We are wonderful children trapped in the suburbs. Bear with us.

The tarp over Danielle's pool looks like a giant TRAMPoline. yeah i would love to jump on it but i dont feel like falling into the murky abyss she calls her pool.

Who are you? Tell me a little bit about yourself.

If our readers are having trouble distinguishing who is who ( if there ARE any readers out there) just remember Danielle is usually writing nothing in general and will probably have a very sardonic tone. Mallory on the other hand is a bit more formal....and appreciates the use of outdated slang, you dig? "Lies!" Danielle claims. Bummer.

"Type, woman!" says Mallory. "Sexist bastard!!" says Danielle.

umm okay First Impressions: right now we probably come off as pretty obnoxious, but shut the fudge up for all you know i could be a 40 year old man who still lives with his mother. speaking of which, we both do.

"we love our maahthurs"

Okay Danielle is having doubts but like i said before: Bear with us.

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