Wednesday, May 30, 2007


i just started volunteering at the hospital. Yesterday was my training but i can't tell you about it or they will sue. So, working around the system, lemme tell you about yesterday which was probably the worst day of my life:

I'm working on floor ____ which means i'll be ____ and _____. I had to be there for ____hours but luckily it was ____. I basically watched the nurses_____ like crazy, while i answered _____ and ran from ____ to _____ asking if they needed _____. Oh did i mention i have to take _____, _____, and _____ down to the _____? It's _____ but i'll be okay.

Right before i had to leave the nurse asked me to _____ a _____. This would be my first time so i didn't know what to do and ____ decided to stay with me, which was ______. The ____ was really ____ and it took forever. ____ told me she never had a _____ that _____. Just my luck.

On the way home i had to listen to my mom scream her head off because she has a life and can't be my taxi and even if she did own a taxi co. it would be the WORST SERVICE EVER.

As if being horribly tired (both physically and emotionally) isn't enough, my immune system failed me, which is why i ignored my alarm clock and stayed home today to watch queer as folk (season 1)

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Jon said...

felt like i was reading a mad lib