Sunday, May 27, 2007

out with my droogs

there is a terrible lightning storm outside and i am watching a clockwork orange.

my weekend in a nutshell (preferably almond):

Friday: an absolutely awful time was spent in a cold inhospitable building we call the mall. I felt like a real teenager loitering outside with the others. Cigarettes probably stolen from older siblings were smoked, and nothing important was discussed. It's depressing and pathetic so i beg fellow teenagers: Stop wasting your time! you're not even enjoying yourselves, are you?

Oh the number of looks i exchanged with Danielle, you'd think my eyes would roll out of my head.

(Alex is raping a girl)

Saturday: lunch in town with Danielle, Chenab, Sam. Chenab goes to private school so we rarely see eachother. It was pleasant but the walk to Danielle's nearly killed me. I looked forward to jumping into her pool but it seems she wants me dead because the shock of the pool water nearly stopped my heart. Can my body withstand these cruel extreme temperatures?!

Well im still alive...

(Alex has his hands in his underwear)

Sunday: Pirates with Mydili, Vivian, Shen, Debby, Amanda. What an awful movie. Disney, you disappoint me!

Later we went back to Vivian's and ate. Mydili says i have a natural ability to shake my ass because im hispanic. Maybe i do, but that doesnt mean i will.

(Alex just had an orgy with the girls he met at the store)

Isn't my life just like Alex's? Maybe without the debauchery and inventive slang ...but we both love a little Ludwig Van (that is, before the brainwashing).

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