Friday, September 21, 2007


I saved a life today. A very small life, but a life nonetheless. I was being rudely jostled by my two bitches:

when i glanced to the side and into the glittering depths of ice-water that constitutes my pool, when BAWHAM! what in bearded neptunes name is that!? A drowned grasshopper floating in the shallow end!! And so commenced the inner battle that rages inside my breat everytime i'm confronted with something that has more than four legs: kill it, run away screaming, or take pity on its miserable life and save it. Well, assuming it was already dead, the tomboy in me reared its short-cropped head and made me poke it. It wiggled a leg weakly. The song "I Will Survive" immediatly started blaring itself max volume in my mind.

OMGZz. It's alive! I kinda scooped it out of the water, trying very hard not to think about what i was doing (i had JUST put on some delicious chocolate-smelling lotion, what a waste), found my camera, and brought the half-dead thing to the backyard swing set contraption. I could've left it there, and been content that I at least gave it a fighting chance, but my spectacle-clad eyes fell upon my brothers super expensive high quality Burger King action figure.


>> be continued...<<


Amirah said...

yaaay life saver!

and OMGZz, is that jim hawkins from treasure planet??

The Mighty Beluga said...

madam, it certainly is. the outcome of this battle is clear.

The Mighty Beluga said...

ha! danielle it's great.

palo-girl said...

ur funny ;p