Sunday, September 2, 2007

School is cool. I is nerd.

I'm all ready for school on Thursday! I got a haircut that looks good (every other day), some new threads and kicks, I did all my summer work and my brain is buzzing with a readiness to learn!

I bought this one shirt:

It's pretty snazzy in my opinion. It has those holes in it so I can stick my thumbs (why the hell would want to do that? idk...) and a really cool pattern thingy. So a few days after I bought it my mum comes running into my room asking me if I know about my shirt. She flipped it upside down:

and omigod! It's a stocking shirt! These cats in Israel got some warm darling stockings and cut a hole for the head and sent it out for suckers like me to buy. I wasn't sure whether to be excited or appalled that my head is going to be sticking out where the crotch is supposed to be. Anyways it's pretty fucking fantastic and I can't wait to wear it.

Another thing I want to show off are my new kicks. They're pretty conventional (nike's for gods sake!) but I love them so. I can't decide whether I like them better than my old shoes so I'll let you decide:

Who would win in a fight?:

(I'm amazing as photoshop, no?)


Amirah said...

I is nerd too! i have to go to school tomorrow. I like your stocking shirt - it looks awesome! (plus I would so do that thumb-sticking-out thing!)

I like both pairs of shoes. There's something extremely kickass about the colous purple, but there is something almost as extremely kickass about the nikes. You could alternate. :D

I'm dressing down on the first day. The 6th form dress code is "business dress" or "office wear", which means boys have rigid regulations and girls pretty much have free rein (to an extent).

maxxo said...

definately the nikes. as for the converse, every pump has its day.

NovemberRain said...

Okay stocking shirts are amazing in my opinion!
Holes for thumbs aren't so bad either...

poppyseedmuffin said...

The Nikes, mooooost definitely.

Clare said...

Your shirt is mint!
I like one else seems too, never mind!
They are both good