Sunday, January 25, 2009

Advanced Proficient Humor

I have an American Government test tomorrow and while I was reading the dense and mostly un-fascinating textbook I actually found some humor. It just seemed so out of place that I thought I would share.
It's subtle but a good enough excuse for me to get out of my studies and show the world:

"...public outrage over the abuses of the spoils system, highlighted by the assassination of President James Garfield by a man always described in the history books as a 'disappointed office seeker' (lunatic would a more accurate term)..."

hear that Charles Julius Guiteau? My textbook has a bone to pick with you!


tony said...

Good Luck With Your Exam Tommorrow! I normally dont believe anything i read on the Internet.....But What You Wrote sounds True!

Anonymous said...

Hah! Your textbook has dry humor! just one more reason I should have taken gov, as our textbooks contain...actually I've never opened one, so I wouldn't know.


Anonymous said...

Good job Mr Guiteau is long dead - as that remark is quite defamatory really... though quite a laugh to find it in a textbook. Good luck - you'll certainly remember that bit.

Shen said...

dooooode, i totally noticed that.