Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Iron Burn of Civilization!

My language arts teacher freshmen year assured me if this got published, it would totally change the way young people thought about the environment. I now know better.

Breathing Todays Air
...Breathe in....
Car exhaust,
Cigarette smoke,
A hint of rain,
The metallic taste,
The iron burn
Of Civilization.
...Breathe out...

"The Iron Burn of Civilization" should be an of Montreal cover band that rewrites the lyrics to make them environmentally friendly. Reuse, Recycle, Repair your WASTED TIME.


Anonymous said...

hey man, we've eaten plastic weather but this family sticks together

tony said...

The Sky's the Limit!

NYD said...

A terrifying testamonial of turbulant times for Terra.