Thursday, January 8, 2009

Danielle and the Deathly Sleepiness

Over the winter break, I managed to greet the day later and later. It was less like greeting and more like grumpily mumbling hello to an uninvited guest. One day I stumbled out of bed at two in the afternoon and stumbled back into bed at 8 because I was still in my pajamas and bored. Every morning, I would just rub my eyes blearily, roll over, and go back to sleep until my mother would be reduced to standing over me with a cup of ice water in her hands, yelling herself hoarse.

I begin to wonder...if no one was around to wake me up, would I just sleep and sleep FOREVER? Would I be lost in my dorm room for days that would evolve into weeks, while my traitorous body swayed in the arms of Mistress Sleep?! How long til somebody noticed I was gone?! How fucking terrible of a metaphor was swaying in the arms of Mistress Sleep?!

I picture the scene, campus police storming up the stairs, bashing the door in with their little billy clubs, the gasp that would be drawn from the mob as they laid eyes on my lifeless body, curled up in a fetal position, and the second gasp as I laboriously raised my head, passed a hand across my slitted eyes, and moaned, "Ungh...5 more minutes."


Jon said...

my mom actually did something like that to my brother. he was asleep and he didn't answer his phone so she had campus security go to his room to check on him.

The Mighty Beluga said...

Oh your mother.

maxxo said...

i got a bit like that too. but then i was sick, so i had a good excuse. i was actually glad to get back into work after the christmas break - sad i know.

tony said...

"Sleeing Beauty Syndrome" ? I have such espisodes.but they are usually beer-related!

Peanut McSizzle said...

Been there.

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