Thursday, January 1, 2009

for auld lang syne

Happy new year, friends! I hope you had a good last night, drank champagne, watched the ball drop, ate grapes and made a decent resolution. Contrary to popular belief, I am flawed. So I thought I would make a good resolution that I am capable of following. There will be many changes this year and I hope I manage to keep my head in the right place despite whatever madness I meet.
For 2009 I plan on:
Graduating High School
Attending College
Making new friends
Holding on to the old ones

and I resolve to hold on to my optimism. I am easily discouraged and easily disappointed in people. If I ever hermit away It's because I worry about how things will turn out, or I start to wonder if anyone is ever any good. This year I will try to keep my faith in myself, my future and the people around me. I know that everyone is a good person although it's not always obvious to others, and I know that everything will fall into its place no matter how badly things seem to be going...
That's all. And I apologize if this post wasn't very amusing but I thought I should share my resolution so that maybe my dear readers (and Danielle) could keep track of it.

If anyone has some good resolutions please share it with me! Even if it is to drop 15 pounds :)


Anonymous said...

Keeping my stellar pals and gaining 15 pounds :)


NYD said...

"Hanging on to old friends" is about the best resolution I've heard this year.

tony said...

Happy New Year!