Friday, June 8, 2007

I think I can, I think I can, I...

I wanna be the orange bird. or maybe the green one, depending on my mood.

So i decided that i really need to get off my lazy ass, and sit down on it and write one of these posts. I'm following the advice of the little engine that could. You go blue girl!

It's 12:06 AM, i really can't sleep, and i'm fairly certain that there's approximatly 4lbs of sand under my eyelids that's causing me excrutiating pain. Think of the blue....

I was just having a discussion with david before about compliments. I had complimented him and sami, another handsome devil who is one COOL CAT, and he [david] was at utter shock at the fact that i would say such outrageous things, like you're good-looking or whatever the heck i said. My point, as it is, is that people should stop taking such compliments completely out of proportion, and start appreciating them as sincere words from a friend. Everyone likes honest compliments! But taboo of the sexes forids such compliments from gender to gender. silly stuff, ain't it?

goodness gracious me. gotta blow my whistle now and rest my weary wheels.

moral of story: don't decide to post posts at 12:06 AM, or be prepared to get a severe case of the fatigue-induced munchies halfway into it.

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