Monday, June 4, 2007

a weekend for my weak end

im sick and miserable but it is finally June and for my family it means birthday month. I have had way too much cake and pizza and absolute garbage this weekend that you can forget about my resolution of going to the gym. Yes, maybe a 15 year old's body image isn't that great to start off with and no im not saying im fat but goddamn you nacho's... you're just being cruel...

anyways im done ranting and now a few things my uncle has taught me:

I should always call my mother...even when i go to college

Drink my milk because I seem young and invincible now but osteoporosis will kick me when I'm down

The people in Walmart are terrible but always a pleasure to study.

Incidentally, Dianne from Walmart thinks the twins are cute but doesn't understand why they're not dressed exactly the same. How else would people know they're twins without the matching jumpsuits?!

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