Saturday, December 6, 2008

Catfish? more like fatfish!

Dear Catfish I Choked Down For Dinner Last Night:

Way to be a jerk. After cutting your fat bod in half, you still managed to swell up to the size of a running shoe. I was starving to death, asshole, a good hour past my dinnertime, and you still refused to flake when stuck with a fork. Yeah, alright, and then I find out YOUR KIND isn't supposed to flake when stuck with a fork, so I just overcooked you by a good 20 minutes. STFU, man. Tilapia all the way from now on. How do you like that, stupid?


PS- If I die my mom is so suing.


Jon said...

haha wow seems that catfish caused a lot of trouble for you

Sadhana said...

i eat tilapia too!

mydili said...

hey i finally read an entry! fish sucks, any kind. its gross, ew.

Anonymous said...