Thursday, December 11, 2008

while they be boozin' I be cruisin'

As I'm going off to college next fall, I need a mode of transportation. Instead of wasting god knows how much dough on a car that will be useless in the city, I've decided to invest in a spectacular bike. I have my eye on this baby.

Blogger probably made this image turn out huge because it couldn't contain its sweetness in any smaller size. Bonus points? It's collapsable at the touch of a button. Mallory says I will be beat up if I wheel this into campus but if I do get beat up it will probably be so the bully can steal my wheels.


tony said...

I,ve started working with a Guy called Marc who cycles to Work every day.70 miles per week! And Its very hilly around here! So any Bike-Questions, ask me & I will ask him for you!
Have A Great Weekend.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! When I was a student I blew half my grant on a push bike. The theory was that in the end it would pay for itself - kind of true... except there were a lot of bike thieves around my college. Make sure you get a good padlock!