Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Peeping against society's wrongs

Presenting...Atticus Fringillidae Finch!

I got him a few months ago when I abruptly entered an I-LOVE-BIRDS phase. I still do, still can marvel at his tiny body, still think he's adorable, just not at seven in the morning when he wont shut his adorable little beak.

In the spirit of metaphor, I plan on setting him free* on the day of my graduation. I'm sure the original Atticus Finch would approve.

*I should also mention that Atticus is a wild bird my neighbor recently caught and gave to me as a present, so he's well equipped for hanging out in the wild again!


Anonymous said...

yeah but if you had the real atticus finch i trust you'd be wise enough to NEVER let him go. That's quality man.

NYD said...

Very cool idea in theory, but not in practice. Give the bird to someone who can care for it. It is not a wild bird no matter how badly it wants out.

maxxo said...

do you let him fly around your house? would hate to see a bird permanently caged. and if he is wild, he should be set free :o)

tony said...

Are You A Vegitarian? If Not, I suggest you keep him caged until after Christmas And Cover The Cage! The Sight of all those cooked Turkey's & suchlike might well traumatise the Guy for Life!!!!!