Thursday, December 4, 2008

Feminists suck. No pun intended.

Alright girls. I get it. I get that women are equal to men in most ways. In some ways superior, and in others inferior. That was established a good 20 years ago. Now this is going too far and we are headed in the opposite direction.

It seems to me that there seems to be a ridonkulous number of man bashings nowadays. Turn on the TV, or at least if you live in America. Check out almost every family show. Check out the commercials selling cleaning supplies. Check out those movies in which the mom leaves for a week, leaving the Dad in charge. In it, the Dad is the dumb, selfish ox who needs to be kept in line by his ever-present, always clear-thinking brilliant wife who just can't believe that she got stuck with such a lame moron that can't attempt anything delicate without breaking it. Oh, but with her never ending patience, she loves him anyways!

Cue extreme eyerolls from my direction. 

Ever since the whole feminist movement began, it suddenly became cool to treat men as retarded fuck-ups who are just bringing us down. I've always had great relationships with guys and I'm realizing that this is so because I've treated them with respect. Yeah I've done my fair share of "Geez you're such a guy," but it's all in good fun and when it comes down to it I treat guys as friends, with the proper actions that go along with being friends. 

I also realize that I'm only 17 years old and might not exactly know what I'm talking about, but hey, I'm trying.


tony said...

Well Said!
I agree with you.

To divide the World up in terms of Colour or Religion or Gender or Age is crackers.It's sloppy thinking.People do it so they can stop thinking&feeling.....which is a shame (but ,then,I'm a Man & I would say that!)

NYD said...

Eventhough the movement is quite a bit older than 20 years. You have nevertheless hit the nail on the head.
Our energy is better spent in mutual respect for the differences that make all of us special.

Ones gender can't possibly determine intelligence nor aptitude

maxxo said...

spot on. it's not about gender, just treating one another with respect. although i would never knock the feminist movement, it has achieved so much despite some of its misgivings, and you only look at the islamic states to see how women still get treated.

Anonymous said...

You've struck on something that I have noticed too. And I totally agree with you – 'stupid man' syndrome is so ridiculous! The advertisers probably reckon it's women who buy the particular products so they are appealing to them by making men look like 'retarded fuck-ups'. But they are SO WRONG. It actually makes me cross and less likely to go near their products. I am very much against it - but I might mention that women had to go through this sort of treatment for centuries. Watch those old black and white movies and see how the 'dumb blondes' are treated (like they are toddlers). And that was only the 1950s.

Really we should know by now that gender does not dictate a person's intelligence, although I do believe it may have an influence on map reading (!)

Ninjagrapefruit said...

After my girlfriend and I spent the last week arguing with sexist feminists who refuse to ever admit women do anything wrong, it is quite refreshing to see someone who is young be so insightful. Thanks for restoring our faith in humanity, at least for a while.

ScareCrow said...

There is currently a petition to disbar Mary N. Kellett - a District Attorney in Maine. An over zealous feminut.

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If you are coherent with this, would you please sign the petition to have her disbarred.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for saying this. I work at a University with a lot of feminists and they generally have no understanding or sympathy for any problems experienced by men and no desire to even discuss it. Gender equity will come when the feminists leave.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! No apologies feminists: Some women are screw-ups, some are stupid, some are criminal scum. Some men are smart, some men are law-abiding citizens and some men are good people. You didactic thought process must be thrown into the fire and you must, must, MUST get some accountability skills and self-efficacy into you if you will ever want to be taken seriously again.