Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Flava Flav is apparently stopping traffic downtown, and I'm on my bed spooning up applesauce like it's *Ben and Jerry's. I obviously win.

My weekend home was fantastic; I forgot how well I fit in with my family and my home. I bought two hats for winter and I few other articles of clothing, but I'm mostly excited about the hats. I walked on the canal path and found a little pathway through the leaves that led to some surprised geese. I wish I had had my camera but I made do with my mind...Cam Jansen got nothing on me.

Now I'm back at my other home with a freezer full of tamales and a desk full of papers and flowers. It feels good to be back but I miss New Jersey.

Oh yeah, and I'm finally 18, but still indifferent. Gotta keep up my cool facade.

*thanks chupacabra...always knew you had to serve some weird purpose besides frightening a small population of Mexicans.


Anonymous said...


I miss NJ too :( See you next week though! AHHH!


Anonymous said...

PS thanks for picking up on the labels!

chubracabra rawr rawr said...

isnt it ben and jerrys last i checked toma nd jerry is a cartoon