Thursday, November 12, 2009

updates overdue


It feels weird coming back here to write. I'm probably going to feel the same way when I go back home for the first time in three months. It feels familiar but It's like I just stepped into the doorway of my bedroom and realized I didn't make the bed before I left. Nomsayin? Me neither.

Anyways Danielle seems to have started this up again and I find no reason not to follow suit. That's not true. There are always reasons not to do something-time being one of them. Anyways if we're always connected by underground wires then why not reciprocate from both ends?

So far what I'm getting from college is a truckload of new information being shot out by a series of facial haired men who stand at the front of a large classroom. On occasion we regurgitate our new knowledge on papers or tests and sometimes that information nestles itself into my head and I let it get comfortable. Am I getting my money's worth? I can't say. Am I really learning anything? I can say.

I'll return, Beluga


Anonymous said...

whoa, did you add those fish to the bottom of the page, mallory? nice touch. as ron would say, you've always had an eye for these things! but don't worry I'm not hitting on you

Anonymous said...

Yes I did! I was thinking of changing the header completely but I don't have photoshop over here or a camera. If you wanna take a shot at it be my guest. I just wanted to commemorate the rival of this dead fish.