Monday, November 30, 2009

tiny bone hands

Unlike Mallory, I am fairly unorganized, quite passive about my music, and make mediocre mix CD's. This month was cold, rainy, and full of train rides. Here's the result:

Train Songs
  1. Igloo by Karen O & The Kids
  2. Talking Bird (demo) by Death Cab
  3. When The Road Runs Out by Blonde Redhead and Devastation's*
  4. Whatever (Some Folk Song in C) by Elliott Smith
  5. Little Fury Bugs by Death Cab
  6. Another Saturday by Stuart Murdoch*
  7. Train Song by Ben Gibbard and Feist*
  8. Brackett, W9 by Bon Iver *
  9. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song by Fleet Foxes
  10. Light Leaves by Why?
  11. You've Got The Love by Florence and The Machine
  12. Service Bell by Grizzly Bear and Feist*
  13. Look At Me by John Lennon
  14. Igloo by Karen O & The Kids
  15. Look at That Old Grizzly Bear by Mark Mothersbaugh
  16. Banshee Beat by Animal Collective
  17. Moon Over Goldsboro by The Mountain Goats
  18. These Days by Nico
  19. Raincheck by Polytechnic
  20. Those To Come by The Shins
  21. Deep Blue Sea by Grizzly Bear*
  22. Punky's Dilemma by Simon and Garfunkel
  23. Steadier Footing by Death Cab
  24. To Be Alone With You by Sufjan Stevens
  25. Writing To Reach You by Travis
  26. Virtute the Cat Explains Her Departure by The Weakerthans
*These songs can be found on the Dark Was The Night compilation. This CD benefits the Red Hot Organization, "an international charity dedicated to raising money and awareness for HIV and AIDS through popular culture."


squeekid said...

hello! you dropped in on my noo blog, via stoneweaver ... and you actually know me, from before (i used to have a blog 'lights out for darker skies) ... i lost track of some of my followers, so it's grand that you found me again - yay! oh, and thanks for your nice comments - my noo blog is well nerdy, but it has a certain appeal, yup?

The Mighty Beluga said...

wow! what a coincidence. I did miss lights out for darker skies, glad you're blogging again in any case