Sunday, November 22, 2009


Since I make a point of attempting to surround myself with "artsy" folks it's not a huge surprise that I get nicer, more creative gifts than the average "queen bee" mug (remember that mug, Mallory?), and while I wouldn't go as far as to say that that's the PRIME reason I'm friends with them, well, I do enjoy these benefits...

But sometimes these gifts are way above my level. I've been given two beautifully crafted leather journals (by different people). Both journals are sitting on my bookshelf, too pretty to write in but too pretty to just leave be. Leather is quite fancy and I must admit, I'm unsure of myself. I'm used to my trusty, marble cover Mead 25 cent notebooks from CVS.

I feel like nothing I could possibly write would be nice enough to belong in those journals.

Maybe if my quality of writing materials increases the quality of my writing will increase as well?

...probably not.

(Yes, those are my stupid little fingers)

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