Tuesday, March 2, 2010


One of my absolute favorite bands, Belle and Sebastian, has a wonderful Q&A section of their website. There are hundreds of questions written by fans and answered by the band members; I think I wrote one in sometime last year and received a nice response. Forgot what it was exactly. In any case, I was whiling away the cold and gray afternoon reading these, when I came upon a fitting tribute, in my mind, to Salinger...less wordy than Mallory's, but unlike Mallory's, not my own words...

From: Isaac
Q.What are we going to do now Salinger is dead?

A. Unlike him, keep breathing.

Stevie - 04/02/1

I know it's been a bit of time since his death but I still like how fitting this is.

PS: found my old comment! I must have been feeling angsty, fawning, and poetic May of 2008. It happens.

From: Danielle
Q.What do you believe in? I believe in you.

A. Thanks Danielle.  I believe in the power of a kind word.

Stevie - 15/05/08

PPS: I want this shirt:  http://www.belleandsebastianshop.com/product/ladies_fox_in_the_snow_t-shirt/

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Anonymous said...

hey believing is not angsty! it's sweet!

and swell-o shirt. Unfortunately in Euros :(