Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have returned from Horse Cave, Kentucky. I was there for spring break volunteering with the American Cave Conservation Association. Basically I learned a shit ton of stuff about the karst environment they've got going on down there and cleaned up a bunch of garbage from sinkholes. It was a million times more fun than it sounds and I'm glad I had the opportunity to go down there and meet amazing people. I'm feeling too lazy to go into detail about my trip...I have yet to recover from a 24 hour drive. So here are shitty camera phone pictures

Kentucky sunset, while driving to Nashville for the nightWe stopped in Philly on the way down to get the cheese steak
Cave entrance! Real cavers call is "caving" not "spelunking" My llama (and boyfriend) waiting for my returnA sign on THE BOOKSTORE (actual name) where we spent an hour browsing. I bought Rabbit Redux by John Updike and it is awesome btw.A sinkhole, in case you were wondering.A small portion of the shit we uncovered from a really small sinkhole. There were car parts, and in insane amount of barbed wire 
big ass sinkhole. It was so deep we had to winch up the massive items.

PS: I hope you noticed my new vocabulary words! Go Kentucky!

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dude they don't even's totally spelunking

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