Tuesday, March 2, 2010

still studying

Cool places I wish I were in instead of this hot, poorly lit common room:

Mexico Pavilion in Epcot, Disney World


The world's largest cave

UNDERWATER SCULPTURE PARK! (only if I have underwater lungs!)


Anonymous said...

whaaat...of all the cool places to go, you'd choose Disney?! Why not actual Mexico pavilion? That sculpture park does look super cool though. Also, I like how these blogposts have turned into mini-emails (with pictures!) to each other, lulz

Anonymous said...

You can't go to space mountain and the REAL mexico pavilion in one day. Besides I just want to sit there for a few hours. btw what happened to your volunteer website?

Anonymous said...

hmm? it should still be there. I think I have the beluga following it. http://summervolunteertrip.blogspot.com/

And NOOOO disney is one big feverish blur to me...never again