Monday, August 13, 2007

Please, don't abandon your teenage daughter

It seems that during the time I was in the hospital, scanning E.R. sheets with the patience of an angel, someone forgot about me. Whoever this person was (I won't say any names) was obviously too busy sipping Chilean Pisco with her new friends to remember that her very own DAUGHTER was in town waiting for a ride home.
After thirty minutes and fifty unanswered phone calls I made a decision. I could either stay on the bench and allow the resentment to settle in permanently OR I could take the twenty dollars from my pocket and have a nice day in town (Ironically-I wouldn't have had that money if the same person who left me stranded hadn't given it to me...). I bought myself a gourmet bagel, familiarized myself with the corners of the used bookstore, and went hunting for vinyl. In other words I had a grand ole time being abandoned!
Two hours later my mum found me walking to Danielle's house. Although I tried to give her the silent treatment while she smothered me with apologies- the truth was, I wasn't mad at all. If anything, all that time by myself taught me a valuable lesson that is so cliche I shouldn't even have to write it down. And I won't.


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maxxo said...

take your freedoms where you can. especially where parents are concerned. i used to love it when the big Ps would go out for a night and i had the house to myself. even tho i didn't do anything remotely different, i just loved knowing that i could have if i wanted to.